The battle to find work if you are over 50.

50 or over?
Do you struggle to find work?
Meaningful work?
Or any kind of work?

 Remember that being in your 50s and out of work is not the end of the world. 
Rather than being “Finished At Fifty”, this is just a new beginning in your life and career.

While you can’t change your age, how you portray yourself when you are 
 over fifty makes all the difference to your career opportunities.

 If you are over 50, don’t despair – career coaches agree that success is often the result of effort, persistence, a positive mindset and having an open attitude to exploring new opportunities and approaches to using your skills.

Here is the table of content of the e-book called:

How To Look For Work When You Are 50.

1. How to Look For a Job - For People Who Are 50 Years and Up
2. How to Network for a Job and Why It Makes Sense
3. What Job is For Me? Find Your Best Job
4. Career Tips - Skyrocket Your Career by Finding and Working With Effective Mentors
5. How to Find Work Through Freelance Sites
6. Do You Know How to Find Work in These Tough Times?
7. Some Tips on How to Find Work For Seniors
8. Overqualified? Overcome It!
9. How to Tap Into the Hidden Job Market
10. E Recruitment Uses the Power of The Internet to Match Jobs With Searchers
11. Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Becoming a Freelancer!
12. Top 8 Freelancing Tips - How Do You Get Your First Freelancing Job Online?

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